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Wild woodland blackberries

Wild Blackberies

Wild blueberries

Commercial Organic Blueberries

 There is an abundance of wild fruit in the woods of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  The more popular are blueberries, blackberries, and thimbleberries.  As an offshoot to our beer brewing we pick and produce berry liqueurs.  A relatively simple process that yields some tasty liqueurs.  We pick, infuse/age, and bottle.  Again we do not sell our liqueurs but share with family and friends.

Wild thimbleberry

Wild Thimbleberries

Organic farm grown blueberries

Wild Blueberries

Filling jars with raw organic blueberries

Filling Jars With Raw  Organic Blueberries

After Infusion in a Canning Jar Squeezed Filtered Liquid Ready for Bottling

Jarring ingredients for infusion taking 3 months or more
Post infusion bottling of liqueur

Bottling After Infusion of 3 Months or More

Filling Jars With Water/Sugar/and Everclear  for Infusion

Everclear the alcoholic ingredient in infusion

Key Ingrediant

Bottled berry liqueur

Final Product Labeled

Pancakes from leftover blueberries
Thimbleberry Squeeze
Bottled Thimbleberry Liqueur
Bottled Packaged Thimbleberry Liqueur

Blueberry  Leftovers - Yum!

Thimbleberry Liqueur  8-2023 Pick/2-14-2024 Bottle

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